Electric Broom benefits in a home with pets

Spending early years of my life in an extended and big family, I always thought how wonderful it would be to live alone.  I used to fancy about a beautiful sparklingly clean home with no kids or any other person. I got this dream fulfilled when I finished college and landed in a well-paying job at a place far away from my home town. With passing years, I felt alone and yearned to have a companion who would not interfere with my independence and privacy. So I decided to get myself a pet. I bought this adorable Beagle which was soon followed by a mischievous Labrador and a Himalayan kitten. Soon I learned about the added responsibility of cleaning my house, when sometimes I wake up to find a few poops and pees in the house.

I read about the electric broom on an online store and I thought that this appliance is going to be a perfect thing for me and my pets, in keeping my house clean and hygienic. Having no idea about this home appliance, my obvious action was to do more research before getting one. To ensure that whether it is really going to be helpful in my situation, I tried to find the answers to a volley of questions in my mind, about its worth with pets and that whether I can clean all the mess they leave me with.

What is great about this electric broom is that it works like a pro vacuum cleaner, which can clean almost everything your pet leaves behind: poo, pee and hair. You may think that you don’t need an electric broom since your old vacuum cleaner is in perfect working condition and it will make no difference since they work the same. Well, you are wrong here. Electric broom definitely works like a vacuum but it exceeds its capability in various other aspects.

  • It is very handy- you can use it single-handedly unlike your big and bulky vacuum cleaner which creates a lot of sweat just to get the work done.
  • It is small- which is very important for storage. You don’t have to allocate a huge space for storing it while not in use.
  • In addition to its easily manageable size, electric broom is lightweight as well. You don’t have to put a lot of effort in carrying and operating this cleaning appliance.
  • Electric brooms are usually cordless, battery operated appliances. With easily available or rechargeable batteries, it also saves you from the precaution and tact to bring the long cord all along you in your house.


All in one, the best we were able to find is Hoover Linx BH50010