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Why you should consider getting a hedge trimmer

Keeping your hedges and bushes trimmed and ready for the summer could prove a difficult trick, even when you’re a specialized Gardner or a nature lover. Not to mention for the unprofessional people, like me, who prefer cooking the ingredients more than actually planting them and looking after them.

Although I love spending time in my garden and creating new season-appropriate decors, trimming the lawn and the hedges have never been my passion. But, since I don’t always have the possibility of hiring a professional gardener or landscaper to deal with my backyard fantasies, most of the time I find myself trying to do everything on my own, including the cutting and trimming part.

So why not take advantage of modern technologies and forget about using old and hard shears? In order to do myself a favor, I decided to opt for a hedge trimmer. Here is my experience with this type of device and why you should purchase one.

Why look for a hedge trimmer?

If you want your garden to look neat and clean year-round, you will have to invest in some specialized tools. Hedge trimmers are the best option because they come in various shapes, blade sizes, and powers to help you with your gardening skills, regardless of the size of your garden or backyard.

They will not only make your job easier but will help you create a variety of styles that would take you forever with a pair of regular shears. So why not spend less time trimming your bushes and hedges with the right hedge trimmer?


How to buy the perfect hedge trimmer for you

First of all, I suggest looking through some hedge trimmer reviews to see what others have previously ordered. This way you’ll have a clue about the best products and manufacturers, and also know what to look for.

If the reviews didn’t help you make up your mind just yet, you should also consider some important factors. First of all, think about the size of your garden and how many bushes and hedges you have. If your entire property is covered in green fences, you will definitely have to opt for a large and powerful hedge trimmer.

If on the contrary, you have a modest lawn or garden, there is no need for a powerful product and you could easily get away with a cordless trimmer too.

Another thing to take into account is the type of trimmer you want to purchase. Depending on their power source, hedge trimmers can be electric or fueled by gas. The latter is specifically designed to meet the needs of large gardens that need to be trimmed and adjusted regularly, and as professional as possible.

4 kitchen appliances that help me save a lot of time

Spending time in the kitchen is one of my favorite things to do. Be that as it may, there are moments when this hobby feels like a burden. Don’t take me wrong, I really love cooking and I could even say that it is an important part of who I am.  However, sometimes I feel that there are a lot of time-consuming tasks involved in preparing meals, time that I would more rather spend with the ones I love. So, today I will be sharing with you four of my favorite kitchen appliances that help me save time and that make me enjoy cooking even more.



The first appliance I want to share my thoughts on is the kitchen aid mixer. Easy on the eye, this is one of those day-saving tools that keep cooking fun and fast. What I particularly like about it is the fact that it comes in handy no matter what I am preparing. My tip for you is to settle for a mixer that comes with a handful of accessories. In no time you will be able to: shred, slice, beat, grind meat and even make ravioli with little to no effort!


Secondly, I couldn’t get on without my electric juicer. I’ve always liked natural, fresh fruit juice and this small appliance has definitely been practical. Since buying it, I no longer have to go through the pains of manually juicing the fruits, a task that used to take me forever. Another reason why to buy an electrical juicer is the fact that this is also eco-friendly due to the fact that it prevents food (fruit) waste..


Thirdly, make sure your kitchen is equipped with a bread maker. The smell of just-out-of-the oven-bread is still a familiar smell that reminds me of my childhood. This is the reason why I always wanted to keep this tradition even after I moved to Chicago. However, as you can imagine making bread takes lots of time and effort, the reason why I believe a bread maker is one of the best investments I have ever made.



Last but not least, my days would not be the same without my slow cooker. Yes, I have to admit, ‘slow’ might not sound time-saving but take my word for it, you won’t regret it. This kitchen appliance is ideal for family nights when you want to spend as much time possible with your loved ones but also prepare a healthy meal. Just follow the steps, set the timer and off you can go and watch that movie without having to worry a bit.

So, I hope my list will help and inspire you and make your time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable and, of course, exciting.


How I Make Chili

Chili is a simple recipe, and the best part about it is that it can suffer a great extent of variations to fit various tastes, without losing its main idea, that of a tasty meal that can feed a large crowd without a problem.


The first thing to do when you are cooking chili is to make sure that the meat you are using is braised enough to become tender. The last thing I need when I prepare chili is to notice at the end that the meat is too chewy to enjoy. My mom practically hammered this idea into my head when she taught me how to make chili, and to this day, I follow her advice to the letter.

Do you know what I do to make sure the meat in my chili is tender enough? It may sound a bit unorthodox, but I add the tomatoes towards the end of the cooking process. Acidic foods, like tomatoes, can slow down the tenderizing process of the meat, which is why you should not join the two at the beginning of the recipe.


Now, let me get you straight to the purpose of this blog post, which is to tell you all about how I make chili. The first step is to brown the meat. Now, this step is always the same, no matter what kind of meat you use and in what shape, be it ground meat or lean cuts. I use a wooden spoon to break the meat as it browns, to make sure that there will be no spots left untouched by the drop of oil I use, and of course, to avoid having uncooked bits in the chili.


I use the same pot for cooking the veggies because I find that the taste of meat left in the pan is quickly absorbed by the vegetables, giving them a delicious taste. I chop one onion, which I cook in half a spoon of olive oil for about 5 minutes, after which I add other vegetables: one green bell pepper, one red bell pepper, a small zucchini, one carrot and a bit of celery. Depending on how tough the vegetable is, I suggest dicing them more finely.


I use garlic, too, but I add this towards the end of this step. I make a bit of space in the middle of the pot, and place there the minced garlic (two or three cloves are enough). I leave the garlic to let out its particular fragrance for half a minute; then I mix everything.


I add the seasonings after that. I prefer chili powder, oregano, and cumin, as well as salt and pepper. Then, I add the browned meat and three cups of broth. I bring everything to simmer and then cook the chili for about 45 minutes, stirring from time to time.


I add the tomatoes at the end, to avoid obtaining chewy meat and let everything to simmer for about 10 minutes more. I prefer serving my chili with grated cheese, but you can choose any garnish you like.


Ideas that Can Help You Save Time and Keep Your Home Clean

People who enjoy beautiful, clean homes all the time have certain habits, and they approach cleaning in such a manner that they do not have to spend a lot of time with a full fledge process. If you are interested in getting some ideas on keeping your home clean without engaging in time-consuming cleaning activities, here are some great tips to get you started.

Always have a place for your clothes. That means that the moment you take your clothes off, you should just fold them and put them away, or place them in the laundry basket or directly in the washing machine if you are the type who prefers washing laundry in small amounts. This way, there will never be clothes hanging on chairs, sofas, or thrown on the floor. Suddenly, your home will look much tidier.


Wipe used surfaces as soon as you are done. It does not matter what you do. Are you finished with brushing your teeth? Quickly clean the sink and the faucet. Have you just prepared a meal using the kitchen counter for cutting the vegetables? Wipe immediately. Do the same with the stove top once you are done with cooking. You cannot imagine how much time you will be able to save in this manner.


Be a Spartan in everything you buy and use. Do not think of this small piece of advice as a fun killer, because it’s not. If you own too many items from a certain category, starting with clothing and shoes and ending with plates and blankets, you will soon begin struggling with a very crowded home that is tough to keep clean.


Do not let dirty dishes become a mountain of despair in your kitchen sink. Once you are done with your meal, wash them right away or place them in the dishwasher and let the machine do the work. Food spills and organic remains that stuck to plates and pots can be difficult to remove after a while, and this is the number one reason why so many people hate doing the dishes.

Create a vacuuming schedule that fits your lifestyle. However, my advice is to get an electric broom beside your full fledge vacuum cleaner. This will help you with cleaning any spills, accidental messes, and other unfortunate events, without having to drag the vacuum cleaner out of the closet. I find this particular cleaning device to be so much better than other means of cleaning because it lets you vacuum every day, while consuming only a few minutes of your time.


Don’t forget about smells. A bad smelling home will not feel clean, no matter how religious you are about everything else. Use nice smelling cleaning products. I suggest going organic so that you do not load the air with chemicals that will end up in your lungs.


Homemade Cleaning Solutions that Are Very Cheap to Make

I honestly believe that we can improve our lives by creating a non-toxic environment around us, as much as possible. While we cannot do much about the pollutants outside the house, we can definitely do something about our lives indoors and how our homes are organized and kept clean. When it comes to cleaning, the main problem is that chemical cleaners can be very toxic for the human body, and, therefore, not such a great idea. To satisfy my need for a clean, germ free home, but without paying the price of exposing myself and my pets to toxic compounds, I decided to make my own cleaning solutions using simple ingredients that anyone may have in their homes.

Here is what I use for cleaning windows and mirrors. I make a mix from 8 parts water, 2 parts vinegar and 1 part rubbing alcohol. This solution works like a charm to make all the windows and mirrors in my home sparkling clean. If you also want to have your home smell nicely, besides fresh, you can add 1 or 2 drops of the essential oil of your choosing. I prefer lemon for its citrusy smell I simply love.

I want to include here an all purpose cleaner, since everyone needs one of these. The recipe for this one is even simpler than the solution for windows I described earlier. For my all purpose cleaner, I dissolve 4 spoons of baking soda in warm water. Just pour the solution on a sponge and clean the surfaces that need cleaning, such as counters, kitchen appliances, the inside of your fridge and the like. Everything will be clean and germ free, and you will save money you would otherwise spend on expensive chemical cleaners.

Another cleaner I use at home is homemade soap. I prefer this to commercial soap, because it contains no petroleum distillates that are dangerous for your health. I make my own soap from lye, natural oils and herbs. Although you must know that lye is caustic and it is important to use protection when manipulating it, through saponification, a process during which lye interacts with the natural oils in order to form soap, the lye is neutralized and you don’t have to worry about it damaging your skin. Natural made soap can be used for washing yourself, for washing clothes, and even for washing pets. It is a far less toxic solution and it will help you keep everything and everyone clean.

For cleaning cookware, I use a solution made from coarse salt and lemon juice. I spread some lemon juice on salt placed inside a flat container, then, with a scrub, I take from it and spread over the cookware, cleaning it like I would normally do. Even stuck food does not have a chance against this homemade cleaning solution.



3 Easy Tips for Busy Homemakers

Homemaking should not be a hassle. I should know since this is how I make a living and an important purpose for me is to help people organize their homes so they can always find their things without having to fight clutter every single moment. While I talked to you in my latest post about what a great thing is to have a reliable electric broom to keep a house clean and tidy, especially when you have pets, right now I want to tell you about a few tips you can use to make your home a more livable environment.

First of all, I recommend you to avoid stuffing things all together in a drawer or a bin. A simple and quick way of finding the exact item you are looking for, whether it is a cooking utensil, a clean pair of socks or thread and needle, is to keep things organized through cleverly dividing the space you have at your disposal. You can purchase organizers made of wood or plastic from stores, or you can make your own from cardboard; another idea I use is to repurpose older boxes of different shapes and sizes, until I fit them together, ready to be used as organizers. This way, I can guarantee that you will no longer have to spend minutes if not more, looking for a single item that should be somewhere, but looks like it’s not.


The second homemaking tip I want to talk to you about is related to pet care. We all know that pets cannot have the same consideration for a clean environment as humans. Taking a few steps to keep things in order is much needed, especially if you have cats. While dogs require walks in the park, or some space outdoors to see about their hygienic needs, cats require a litter box. It is unavoidable for some of the litter to get spread all over the floor, after each time the cat uses it. What you can do to minimize mess is to place the litter box on top of a larger tray. This way, all you will have to do is to take the tray and empty it, when there is too much litter spread around.


Finally, the third tip on homemaking I would like to give you is maximizing the space you have at your disposal. Take a look at your home and see what areas could be better used. Check all the nooks and crannies and envision giving them another purpose than just gathering dust. You can easily improvise bookshelves along a hallway, and you can use all the pegs behind doors for hanging coats and clothes that need to be accessed quickly. You will quickly find your home more spacious and a more ergonomic environment for you and your family.



Electric Broom benefits in a home with pets

Spending early years of my life in an extended and big family, I always thought how wonderful it would be to live alone.  I used to fancy about a beautiful sparklingly clean home with no kids or any other person. I got this dream fulfilled when I finished college and landed in a well-paying job at a place far away from my home town. With passing years, I felt alone and yearned to have a companion who would not interfere with my independence and privacy. So I decided to get myself a pet. I bought this adorable Beagle which was soon followed by a mischievous Labrador and a Himalayan kitten. Soon I learned about the added responsibility of cleaning my house, when sometimes I wake up to find a few poops and pees in the house.

I read about the electric broom on an online store and I thought that this appliance is going to be a perfect thing for me and my pets, in keeping my house clean and hygienic. Having no idea about this home appliance, my obvious action was to do more research before getting one. To ensure that whether it is really going to be helpful in my situation, I tried to find the answers to a volley of questions in my mind, about its worth with pets and that whether I can clean all the mess they leave me with.

What is great about this electric broom is that it works like a pro vacuum cleaner, which can clean almost everything your pet leaves behind: poo, pee and hair. You may think that you don’t need an electric broom since your old vacuum cleaner is in perfect working condition and it will make no difference since they work the same. Well, you are wrong here. Electric broom definitely works like a vacuum but it exceeds its capability in various other aspects.

  • It is very handy- you can use it single-handedly unlike your big and bulky vacuum cleaner which creates a lot of sweat just to get the work done.
  • It is small- which is very important for storage. You don’t have to allocate a huge space for storing it while not in use.
  • In addition to its easily manageable size, electric broom is lightweight as well. You don’t have to put a lot of effort in carrying and operating this cleaning appliance.
  • Electric brooms are usually cordless, battery operated appliances. With easily available or rechargeable batteries, it also saves you from the precaution and tact to bring the long cord all along you in your house.


All in one, the best we were able to find is Hoover Linx BH50010